If you're in a parking lot, are driving on the road, or just own a car in general, you're likely to get a dent sometime. Whether it's on the door, bumper, or hood, a dent isn’t as much a problem mechanically as it is visually. Some repair shops will charge upwards of $100 for a simple repair job. Luckily, you can fix a dent yourself at home for very little cost. Here are a few methods you can try according to the experts here at Blackburn Motors.

·         Boiling Water – If you've ever tried to fix a plastic bumper, you already know how stiff it is. If you can remove the bumper, try adding hot water to the dent. The heat will make the plastic much more malleable so you can maneuver the plastic with ease. Once the dent is out, replace the bumper.

·         Plunger – If you have a small or medium-sized dent, odds are you can use a sink plunger to remove it. Add water to the plunger and the dent, then start pushing and pulling. The suction should remove the dent without harming your paint.

·         Specialty Tools – If you've tried everything in the book and nothing works, it may be time to spend a little money. A dent removal kit is usually much cheaper than a repair shop's prices. Because some tools have mixed reviews, do your research before you buy. It’s worth a shot!

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