We've all been there: after a long day at work or even a quick trip to the grocery store, you return to your car to find it baking hot after sitting in the sun. Before this happens to you, check out these tips to cool down your car fast.

  •          As soon as you get in, roll down all the windows of your car.
  •          Turn on the air conditioning to its fresh air setting, as cold as possible.
  •          Let all of the hot, stuffy air leave through your car windows, as you drive for a minute or two.
  •          Once the interior starts to feel comfortable, roll your windows back up.
  •          If possible, turn down your air conditioning level to low, to save energy.
  •          And next time, try putting a sunshield under your windshield, to let in less heat!

For more tips and tricks, or to start your summer behind the wheel of a new vehicle, contact us at Blackburn Motors anytime. 

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