Mopar is one of the nation's most trusted accessories manufacturers, and now it's taking its talents into the wintertime with a brand new tire design.

Mopar's all-new tire and wheel packages are designed for added safety and control in the snow and, for the first time, are available on a wide variety of FCA US models. They will include a plethora of tire features to keep any driver safe on the slippery streets of the season, from a sensitive new Tire Pressure Monitoring System to steel wheels.

Mopar's all-new tire and wheel packages are available on the Dodge Caravan, the Jeep Cherokee, the Chrysler 200, and the Chrysler Town & Country. These awesome packages are available today, so give us a call to set up your order! The price depends on your vehicle, but it is estimated that these high-tech tires will run between $242 and $292 per wheel.

You can expect to see these awesome tire options available on even more FCA US models next year. 

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